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"I feel a lot better and I'm moving a lot better"

- Patient

"I have not felt this great and mobile in years !! All thanks to Dr. Matt"

- Reggie

"After almost a year without an adjustment my back was in a lot of pain. After 10 weeks , Dr. Matt has got me back to 100%"

- Bob S.

"Chiropractic care not only keeps my back in line but it keeps my mind and life in line. Adjustments don't last for 5 mins, they last for a lifetime"

- Krystal

"Dr Ackerman is one of the most knowledgable Dr.'s in his field. He will not only get you to feel better but give you tips on how to stay on track. He is a one man team and you get the personalization you deserve!"

- Patient

"I was experiencing back pain for almost a month before the excruciating back and leg spasms occurred. I was missing work & not sleeping. Frustrated, I looked up local chiropractors and Dr. Ackerman's practice was the only one with testimonials-that's why I called.

I was seen that same day by Dr. Hershman. He evaluated me and developed a treatment plan individualized to my specific problem (my SI joint was out of whack effecting my back, bladder and leg).

Within 2 weeks (6 visits) my back was much better and I was off of pain medications. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN. Dr. Hershman and I are continuing a plan for prevention and he is teaching me exercises while providing health tips.

I like his holistic and personal approach towards his profession and his patients. I am thrilled with my success and plan to see him on a regular basis. Thank you Dr. Hershman!!"

- Eileen

We value our patients' experience at Ackerman & Hershman Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to contribute your own testimonial.

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